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Assetrak Solutions Private Limited

Assetrak - ITAM

By 2021, cybercrime related damage is expected to reach $6 trillion. IT asset management is the most important defence mechanism against cybercrime. Assetrak ITAM provides a comprehensive view of enterprise's hardware and software assets, their current status and location and any discrepancy about its IT assets. Assetrak ITAM reduces cyber threat, provides compliance and reduces costs by pointing at unused assets.


  • Agent-based and Agent-less discovery of hardware and software inventory
  • Hardware and Software change management
  • Software Utilization Analysis to optimize software license and maintenance cost
  • Up-to-date software information to ensure Hassle Free Software Audits
  • Asset Relationship management – Componentization or Grouping of hardware and software for tracking
  • Self-Certification of Assets by employees
  • AD Integration/Single Sign-on
  • Contract Management – Lease, License, Insurance, Warranty and AMC expiry management
  • Hardware assets onboarding with workflow, conducting audits and Reconciliation with FAR
  • Asset Transfer, Retirement and Assignment with workflow
  • Review objectionable files on systems to check IP non-compliance
  • Customizable management dashboard and Analytics
  • Implementation support services

    1. Hardware asset verification, tagging and reconciliation with FAR
    2. With an experience of physical verification and tagging of more than 4 million assets, our experienced and skilled service team helps baselining the IT Assets Register. With our physical presence in various locations in India, we have the bandwidth of visiting your various locations for asset identification and tagging.
      We also provide assistance in reconciling the IT Asset Register with the FAR to create a central asset data repository for common use.

    3. Managed Software Asset Management Services
    4. We can assist you with Software license compliance management through the range of support services that we are capable of offering. We can provide the following support to our Customers

      • Software License Advisory
        • Entitlement reconciliation and harvesting
        • Software license compliance reporting and risk identification
      • License and Cost Optimization
        • Machine wise reporting helps to optimize software usage and gives opportunity to take corrective actions
        • Optimization around AMC cost
        • Benefit on license workload optimization
      • Risk
        • Covering all software publishers (key ones - Microsoft, Adobe, MacAfee, Corel, Tally, Autodesk etc) for regular compliance check
        • Regular check for freeware, other licensed software, incidental cracks which may lead to IP legal issue
      • Growth
        • Contract management and year on year true up assistance for Microsoft
        • Cloud readiness check for other software of Microsoft and other publishers
        • Up to date knowledge on software licensing for future software forecast
      • SW lifecycle
        • Assistance in building the SAM process governance and automation from Procurement to Usage to Retiring/Reuse
        • Classroom training for best practices to improve SAM efficiency


    1. Better visibility of all IT assets
      • Hardware
      • Software
      • Components
      • Contracts
    2. Defence against Cyber security
      • Know where your assets are. Location, configuration and owner of each device
      • Quicker response to security alerts
      • IT service desk has latest information on which assets need security patches
    3. Reduce costs
      • Unused assets – Hardware and Software
      • “Ghost” assets
      • Comparison of software license acquired vs. used.
    4. Reduces help desk response times
      • Help desk can save time and resources on figuring out who owns which device.
      • Latest information on what Hardware configuration and Installed software list.
    5. Prepare for software audits
      • Prepare for software audits with clean data repository of all IT assets.
      • Provides detailed system information to auditors
      • Provides compliance view on all hardware and software assets.